Fast, affordable and guaranteed results.

Welcome to Plasmid Sound.

Plasmid Sound is land-based mixing and mastering facility founded by me - engineer and producer Dmitri Kuzmin (1975). After years running my own project studio and making a bunch of qualified assistance during recordings of many kinds of music as jazz-rock, funk, IDM, electronic or ethno-bands in Tel Aviv, Israel within almost a decade, I decided to focus my time and skills on mixing and mastering for the full 100%. I want Plasmid Sound to be a place where it's all about music and sound quality. I'm still emotional about listening to music. From folk to jazz, deep-house, electro, indi, hip-hop to rock as long it's performed well, made with passion, made with young enthusiasm, I will enjoy.

I offer professional and affordable audio services to artists, bands, recording studios, labels, promo communities and DJs in all over the world.

I have experience and understanding of a wide variety of contemporary music styles from acoustic solo through to heavy electronic. My studio provides a near perfect listening environment and is based around a selection of great sounding high-end analog and digital equipment. My prices are very competitive and in most cases I offer a test master (for standard mastering session), so that you can hear the quality of my work before making basic financial commitment.

I am not a recording studio that offers mastering on the side. Mixing and mastering are my primary skill. I provide a fast and reliable audio service, and place great value on the relationships I establish with my clients. I am confident you will not be disappointed by choosing Plasmid Sound to work with your music.

Depending on your location and for your convenience you can choose online service or to schedule an attended session in my studio. Cost, equipment I use and quality of mixing or mastering chain for attended or unattended session stay constant and equal. Feel free to contact me by the phone 8-800-190-0968 from 14.00 to 18.00 (UTC+3) or at any time via mail I look forward to working with you.